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Monday, November 29, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

As we all know, there are so many kinds of crimes going on in the world nowadays. People are getting more and more violent. Criminals are acting worst than animals.

Of all the crimes, one that touched the deepest core of my heart would be regarding child abuse. Little ones who were only given a few years to live, being molested, brutally murdered. It all started with kidnapping. There are already numerous cases that shows how much child abuse issue is nothing to be surprised of nowadays.
But seriously, do we actually want this to keep happening? How about imagining if the victim is your own blood?
The authority and society needs to give extra concern to this matter. A child is a reward from God. I would never want to see any more child being abused no matter how they do it.

Come and Join Us To Stop Child Abuse! Raise Your Hand, Stop Child Abuse Now!


  1. Hmm, memang mengenaskan, kita juga harus ikut berperan untuk mencegah terjadinya hal tersebut. dengan tidak melakukan sex bebas.
    salam dari blogger ciamis. saya juga sudah follow dan memasang link blog ini. ditunggu follow back dan link backnya.

  2. i've raised my hand :) mari bersama memperjuang hak kanak2.. say NO to Child Abuse!!!

  3. eee..kesiannye..xpatot..xpatot..manusia semakin kejam..

  4. sian baby2 tu tak salah..kejam sungguh manusia